Is There Such a Thing as a Stimulant Free Weight Loss Supplement?

With so many people wanting to lose weight, there is an increasing demand in all kinds of weight loss supplements, and one of those is the stimulant free weight loss supplement. Severe weight problems like obesity are already tied to more health complications like heart diseases, so it is important for those people to have an option to take a stimulant free weight loss supplement. However, with so many weight loss drugs available in the market, how can you differentiate the stimulant-free ones from those that have them?

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What is a stimulant?

A stimulant is a drug that promotes temporary wakefulness and alertness in a person. Stimulants are no different from other drugs since they also have side-effects which can be harmful, depending on who is using them.

What you need

These drugs usually require a prescription before anyone can buy them. However, they may also come in other forms that can be more accessible for people, such as coffee or tea. Both have caffeine, which is an example of a stimulant. Other examples include soft drinks, energy drinks, and nicotine.

How they work

When you take stimulants, they increase the functions of your central nervous system and your sympathetic nervous system. In some cases, a large dose of stimulants that directly influences your nervous system can give you euphoria. Usually, the drug is used therapeutically to maintain or induce alertness for the following reasons:

1. Prevent abnormal states that can lessen the alertness of a person's consciousness (i.e. narcolepsy)

2. Fighting fatigue in certain situations where sleep is not allowable (i.e. driving, working night shifts, performing surgery, etc.)

3. Enhance concentration on people who have difficulty in paying attention (i.e. ADHD patients)

4. Boost productivity and endurance

5. Appetite suppression

6. Promote weight loss (e.g. phentermine)

Weight loss drugs with stimulants

There are a lot of weight loss drugs that have stimulants in them, particularly those that work as appetite suppressants. These drugs normally would have caffeine and/or ephedra in them, which are two different kinds of stimulants. However, with their side effects that include palpitations, anxiety, heart disease, etc., they can be harmful for people with heart disease or anxiety disorders.


People who have heart complications can take a stimulant free weight loss supplement. Examples of these products include fat blockers and carb-blockers. A stimulant free weight loss supplement may or may not come with a prescription, which means that you can buy some of them over the counter. One of the most common fat blockers available in the market today is orlistat, which is present in products like Alli and Xenical.

How fat blockers work

A fat blocker is a stimulant free weight loss supplement that inhibits the lipase enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the fat that comes from our food intake. When this happens, the fats remain undigested and then expelled from your body through bowel movement. Typically, fat blockers like Alli and Xenical are taken three times a day before eating.

Side effects

Even a stimulant free weight loss supplement like orlistat has side effects. They may not be as bad as a stroke or heart attack, but you can experience the occasional stomach cramps or stomach aches, oily stool, abdominal discomforts, very frequent bowel movements, increased flatulence, and in some cases, dehydration.

Carb blockers

Another kind of stimulant free weight loss supplement is the carb blocker. It works by preventing your body from storing the fats coming from the carbohydrates that you eat. Their results for weight loss vary from person to person and they are also prescribed for those diagnosed with diabetes. The main ingredient in carb blockers is the extract coming from wheat germ and white kidney bean.

Side effects of carb blockers

Carb blockers prevent your body from keeping the carbohydrates to be turned into stored fat and then they expel your carbs from your body before they can even enter your bloodstream. Some common side effects include bloating, stomach cramps and stomach aches, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, and diarrhea.


Aside from fat and carb blockers, there is another stimulant free weight loss supplement that is beginning to gain popularity and attention from weight-watchers and dieters. Known as Hoodia gordonii, it is a cactus plant from South Africa that works as an appetite suppressant. However, even if it is an appetite suppressant, it does not have any caffeine or any kind of stimulant present in it.

Before anything else

Before taking any weight loss supplement, whether it has stimulants or not, you need to consult your doctor first so your health condition can be evaluated. Remember that weight loss supplements have side effects and they can be more harmful for people with certain medical conditions.

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